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Trust in ALLAH even when you don't understand His Plan

Masjid Omar Huddersfield

Masjid Omar has many objectives and roles as it is involved in the religious, cultural and social life of the Muslims and non-Muslims of Huddersfield and West Yorkshire. Primary among them is to promote the true meaning and understanding of Islam as a Religion of Peace, Tolerance and Coexistence.

We face many challenges in society today. Ranging from safeguarding our young people from extremism and radicalisation to empowering the role of Women in society, the span of the work undertaken by Masjid Omar has rapidly increased over the years. Masjid Omar not only offers the regular prayers but also advice and guidance to the public. We also create dialogue with and amongst those of different faith communities. In this we aim to spread harmony and understanding between all people of faith. Moreover, Masjid Omar has interacted increasingly with the community through various lectures, events and courses.

Our aim and goal is to employ our services and expertise for the benefit of the whole community. At the heart of all our efforts is you the people we serve. We welcome you to browse our website and contact us to find out more about Masjid Omar and its role in your society, much of which stems from your support. We also welcome any suggestions to help us improve further in our approach to serving and supporting our faith while building bridges with other communities of faith across Huddersfield and indeed the UK.

Funeral Service

In the event of a loved one passing away or a neighbour/friend, both the Huddersfield Muslim Burial Council (HMBC) and the Masjid Omar Shura are available to help and support you through the whole process.


Masjid Omar is an Islamic institution that provides Islamic education for the Muslim community of Huddersfield.

This institution caters for children from the age of five to the age of thirteen and beyond. Our aim is to help the Muslim children and youth of Huddersfield to understand the basic principles of Islam and how to incorporate it into their lives.

The Madrasah operates in the evening hours of the week. The education of the children begins with basic Qur’aanic learning from the age of five.


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